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The Underage CEOs

Fascinating Stories of Young Indians Who have Become CEOs in their Twenties

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Hi! Welcome to my website.

I have created this as a window to my professional world, so that you understand what I do, why I do it and how I do it. If you think we could collaborate or that I could be of service to you, just holler. I write content for brands and publications, edit and proofread books, do voice-overs and help people develop a strong person brand for themselves.

Write to me at or send me a DM on FB or LinkedIn. I will respond as soon as possible.

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Who am I?

I am a man of many loves. A free spirit, I love travelling, trekking, music, movies, conversations, silence and absurd humour. I left the corporate pigeonhole in 2015 and flew out into the Great Expanse. And from then on, I have been working in professions that give me fulfillment and help me make a direct impact on people.

One of my driving forces in life is to help people understand their abilities and express themselves in the best possible manner. I consider myself a catalyst for people’s self-expression across various media and formats. Much of my work is a direct consequence of this motivation.

My other driving force, of course, is to have a jolly good time!

Professionally, I wear different hats:


As a journalist and content marketing writer for brands, my writing springs from my domain knowledge, experience and observation. It carries an original interpretation and a unique voice.

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Book Editing & Coaching

As a book coach, editor and proofreader, I help you bring out your book in its best form, so that it connects impactfully with your audience.

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Person Branding

I help you build your individual brand, so as to grow your visibility, reputation and business/career. This is especially important for speakers, coaches, consultants, trainers, writers, editors, artists, start-up founders and senior corporate executives.

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I can be the voice of your brand, organisation or project. I lend my voice to training/explainer/demo videos, corporate/brand films, social impact audios/videos and podcasts.

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22 Till I Die!

In 22 Till I Die!, Ganesh Vancheeswaran, an entrepreneur with a multi-track career, picks out precious nuggets of learning and insight from his 22-year long career and shares them with you.

Narrated skilfully, and shining with equal parts wit, humility and zest, these thoughts are packed with practical wisdom and unconventional thinking.

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This is a small book that you can enjoy in one sitting. But it’s filled with astute insights collected over the author’s two decades of experience in making his work fun.  If you are starting out, you will benefit immensely from its chapters, in trying to have a happy career in whatever you set out to do. And if you are experienced, a lot of these will resonate, and you will wonder, “I wish I could see it that way before.” Like I felt. But one thing is for sure, you will find yourself coming back to this collection of anecdotes and wisdom again and again. For guidance, inspiration or just an unadulterated chuckle.

This book is a wonderful self reflection that is honest and relatable. The chapters are to the point and are page turners. It provides helpful tools for everyone and takes the reader through a journey by providing real life examples. The author’s willingness to share his faults, weaknesses and strengths showed me what being human is. Do not pass this book, it is well written and it’s worth your time. I literally adopted some of the techniques the author talks about.

A wonderful collection of short narratives that we can all relate to and learn from. It is a must read for youngsters, employed professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Underage CEOs

Fascinating Stories of Young Indians Who have Become CEOs in their Twenties

This is a book about ordinary young Indians who are doing the extraordinary. Barely out of college, they have taken the big leap and become role models for an entire generation of youngsters.

They are the off-roaders, the ones who have stepped off the beaten track in pursuit of their vision.

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Ganesh has captured the tentativeness,self doubts,fear of the entrepreneur as it is.(Nothing more nothing less).Some things like passion is unexplainable and I like it when Ganesh mentions it the same way.Without trying too much to create a story or reason for it.

I think these millennials are definitely a bunch that will change the face of why, how and what of work per se. Ganesh has brilliantly captured this pattern of grit, persistence and innovative creativity against all odds! Something so many of us can relate to.

This is the best book on entrepreneurship that I have come across so far. The author seems to be conversing with the reader, instead of just providing facts and numbers. He comes across as someone who is very sensitive and knows the pulse of the reader.