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The Underage CEOs - front cover

My first book, ‘The Underage CEOs’, chronicles the fascinating stories of bright, young Indians who are making a difference in their chosen domains. None of these youngsters graduated from an IIT or an IIM. Upon graduating, all of them eschewed jobs and plunged into entrepreneurship. And they are all doing some ground-breaking work.

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Chosen from small towns and big cities, and from different fields, these stories prove that when it comes to starting up, nothing matters more than your vision, your passion, your focus and your perseverance. I have tried to keep my accounts interesting yet realistic – unlike the sensational startup stories you find in the media.

Through ‘The Underage CEOs”, I want to inspire many more youngsters to take the plunge at an early age, but after understanding what entrepreneurship is truly about. My heartfelt thanks to HarperCollins India for publishing this book, which has been reprinted several times.

Reader reviews

This book tells the real life stories of persons who became CEOs in their twenties. It is a great motivational and inspiring book that will help rekindle the spirit of entrepreneurship in young people.

Fascinating account of stories of young Entrepreneurs. Excellent read.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Underage CEOs then you must do so right away. The narration is bound to captivate your interest, as Ganesh uses a lot of quotes from the entrepreneurs and paves their journeys thoroughly in each story.