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From time to time, it is essential to pause, take a deep breath and introspect on your career. Ask yourself some essential questions and see if you have to do something to move ahead with greater purpose, clarity and momentum.

This book will help you do just that.

In 22 Till I Die!, Ganesh Vancheeswaran, an entrepreneur with a multi-track career, picks out precious nuggets of learning and insight from his 22-year long career and shares them with you. The learnings span his stints as a corporate professional and entrepreneur, and reflect his freewheeling personality. Narrated skilfully, and shining with equal parts wit, humility and zest, these thoughts are packed with practical wisdom and unconventional thinking.

The learnings I’ve highlighted in this book were born from my experience in the trenches. Some came from my blunders. Some from my contemplative way of being. And some from running a multi-track business and finding fulfilment in it. The 22 in the title stands not just for the number of years in my career but also for a mindset: of treating every day as if it were the first day of my professional life.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional, entrepreneur or corporate executive, these powerful thoughts will help you shape a meaningful, thriving career for yourself. And you will cherish this book as your longtime guide and companion.

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Reader reviews

This was a refreshing read about 23 learnings from the author’s life at work and otherwise. I could connect to all of these life lessons and it was a pleasure reading this little book.

Very nicely written! I was able to relate to quite a few experiences shared by Ganesh… Many insights offered a fresh perspective on dealing with certain situations that one has to deal with, from time to time. Especially enjoyed the sections on being able to say no and also on incorporating stillness into our daily routine.

This is a small book that you can enjoy in one sitting. But it’s filled with astute insights collected over the author’s two decades of experience in making his work fun.  If you are starting out, you will benefit immensely from its chapters, in trying to have a happy career in whatever you set out to do. And if you are experienced, a lot of these will resonate, and you will wonder, “I wish I could see it that way before.” Like I felt. But one thing is for sure, you will find yourself coming back to this collection of anecdotes and wisdom again and again. For guidance, inspiration or just an unadulterated chuckle.

This book is a wonderful self reflection that is honest and relatable. The chapters are to the point and are page turners. It provides helpful tools for everyone and takes the reader through a journey by providing real life examples. The author’s willingness to share his faults, weaknesses and strengths showed me what being human is. Do not pass this book, it is well written and it’s worth your time. I literally adopted some of the techniques the author talks about.

A wonderful collection of short narratives that we can all relate to and learn from. It is a must read for youngsters, employed professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Underage CEOs - front cover

My first book, ‘The Underage CEOs’, chronicles the fascinating stories of bright, young Indians who are making a difference in their chosen domains. None of these youngsters graduated from an IIT or an IIM. Upon graduating, all of them eschewed jobs and plunged into entrepreneurship. And they are all doing some ground-breaking work.

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Chosen from small towns and big cities, and from different fields, these stories prove that when it comes to starting up, nothing matters more than your vision, your passion, your focus and your perseverance. I have tried to keep my accounts interesting yet realistic – unlike the sensational startup stories you find in the media.

Through ‘The Underage CEOs”, I want to inspire many more youngsters to take the plunge at an early age, but after understanding what entrepreneurship is truly about. My heartfelt thanks to HarperCollins India for publishing this book, which has been reprinted several times.

Reader reviews

This book tells the real life stories of persons who became CEOs in their twenties. It is a great motivational and inspiring book that will help rekindle the spirit of entrepreneurship in young people.

Fascinating account of stories of young Entrepreneurs. Excellent read.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Underage CEOs then you must do so right away. The narration is bound to captivate your interest, as Ganesh uses a lot of quotes from the entrepreneurs and paves their journeys thoroughly in each story.