Vibha Women

There is something deeply fascinating about people desiring to set sail on their own, venturing into uncharted waters. I think there is an entrepreneur in every one of us; given the right motivation and circumstances, this entrepreneur is bound to emerge from hiding.

I am co-founder of Vibha Women, a strong, vibrant community of women entrepreneurs. Women in India have to battle a peculiar set of circumstances and attitudes, which makes it that much more difficult for them to set up a venture independently. At the same time though, there are so many competent women out there who want to do something on their own. For many of them, entrepreneurship is a means to self-empowerment. They find it so totally liberating!

We realized that women in India need a customized approach to help them fulfill their dreams – and that is how Vibha was born.

Vibha focuses on supporting early-stage women entrepreneurs and is driven by the vision to create many more successful women entrepreneurs in India. In turn, these wonderful women will be role models for many others. Vibha helps women set up and scale up ventures, through four specific interventions:


Helping them become more aware of their strengths and gain self-confidence; in other words, helping them overcome their anxieties, fears and doubts and prepare them to take on the world.


Guiding them on various aspects of running a venture. Detailing out the business idea , helping validate it, putting together a business plan, getting the revenue model right, assembling the first team, finding a co-founder, marketing your offering….whatever it is that you need help on, our mentors are there to guide you.


In the world of business, your net worth is more or less equivalent to your network. Who you know can make all the difference to your venture and can help you achieve your goals. We help open doors for you by helping you meet interesting and relevant people.


We conduct thematic workshops and master-classes regularly, where we dive deep into a particular topic related to managing your business. These sessions are conducted by domain experts and are very interactive in nature.

For more details on this, please write to me.