Person Branding

Are you an independent professional, startup founder or corporate executive who wants to stand out from the crowd and attract the right opportunities for growth? Then read on. 

Contrary to popular perception, branding goes way deeper than the logo, b aseline or communication of a business. In fact, it is a philosophy that lies at the heart of every business. It is the very ethos of a business.

And branding is not just for organisations, products and services. It is vital for individuals, too. Corporate executives look for rapid career growth. Freelancers/independent professionals such as trainers, writers, coaches, consultants, speakers, designers and coders have to stand out from the clutter and attract customers of the right profile. Startup founders are the face of their company: they often have to attract investments, partnerships and teams on the strength of their personal reputation.

If you belong to any of these groups, person branding will help you.

Crafting your person brand means clearly understanding and articulating the fundamental aspects of BRAND YOU, and using this to project yourself authentically and powerfully to the right target audience. It ensures that you shine a laser beam into the market, instead of spraying and praying. By projecting an authentic and compelling image of yourself to your target audience, you will grow your career or business, as the case may be.

A brand is a lighthouse: it stands tall, shines the light of knowledge, illuminates the path of several others and helps them navigate through their life.

Through my online masterclass titled Person Branding Unpacked and my one-to-one coaching program, I help you craft and build your individual brand, so as to grow your visibility, reputation and business/career. Years of helping build several brands have sharpened my strategic & creative thinking, questioning, insight-mining and storytelling abilities.

Person Branding Unpacked – Online Masterclass 

In this 3 hour masterclass, you will learn the fundamentals of person branding and a step-by-step method by which you can build a strong brand for yourself. This is held once in two months on a Saturday morning. To know details about this masterclass and when the next session is scheduled, get in touch with me.

As a continuation of this masterclass, I could coach you one-to-one and help you craft your person brand and communication plan in detail.

Personalised Coaching Program

Sometimes, a masterclass is not enough. If you are serious about building your person brand immediately and leveraging that for the growth of your business or career, my one-to-one coaching is just what you need. Through a combination of deep conversations, questioning and reflective exercises, I help you understand the soul of your person brand and articulate it in a compelling manner. My simple but comprehensive brand framework is a powerful roadmap for you.

In working with you to craft your person brand strategy, I help you answer the following key questions (among others) in your professional context:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I offer that is distinctive from what others offer?
  • Who is/are my target audience(s)?
  • Why should they choose me over others?
  • What are the values, beliefs and stories around which my brand is built?
  • How should I position myself in the mind of my target audience?
  • What should my messaging be across communication channels – online and offline?
  • How can I effectively leverage social media to engage with my target audiences?
  • What brand assets should I build?

Having done that, I create your LinkedIn profile and a social media communication plan that will project your person brand in its best light. And you are all set to roll!

To know more details, get in touch with me.


What my clients say 

Sqn Ldr Delshad Master: Queer Sensitisation Catalyst, Global Speaker

I work in the field of Queer Sensitisation. A very niche, rare and relatively new field of work. So, for me and my work, Ganesh has been a fantastic mentor who’s helped me cultivate my personal brand and identity. While most of us know where we want to reach, its is the how that we lack clarity on or sometimes just need a person to bounce ideas off. Ganesh is exactly that kind of brilliant branding coach.

He sees your vision through your eyes, deep dives into WHAT your brand should be, HOW it should look, feel and sound to yourself and others and also gives you a solid grounding of the Why of your Brand Quotient (BQ). Ganesh himself works in the backend as much as he makes you work; in order to go deep and wide into your chosen area of specialisation, so that you emerge with a strong, unshakeable and enduring Brand Identity. The Personal Brand that Ganesh helps you develop, then demonstrates the consistency and uniformity with which you are now equipped to deliver all your communication. I would highly recommend Ganesh’s services to anyone who is very seriously looking at creating an impressive Personal Brand and Brand Identity for themselves.

Jasbir Baweja, Version-Next Enabler: Career Coach, Corporate Trainer, Image Consultant, NLP Practitioner

Working with Ganesh for the past few weeks have given me immense clarity about how to take my brand forward. His personal brandling sessions opens up limitless possibilities for you and your brand. I strongly urge Speakers, Coaches and Trainers to design their branding strategy with Ganesh. 

Shrimoyee Mathur: Founder-Asmita Atelier

I attended a workshop on Personal Branding conducted by Ganesh, and it was one of the best decisions I took. It was early on in my journey as an entrepreneur, and mostly being the silent types, I found his presentation really eye- opening. He helped me understand the importance of my personal brand and how to reach out, seek and market myself as a entrepreneur representing my brand of artisanal lifestyle products. It was a thoughtfully crafted workshop and I genuinely thank Ganesh for making me more confident as an entrepreneur.

Abha Iyengar: Founder-Creative Wings Studio; Author, Editor, Creative Mentor

I attended Ganesh’s masterclass recently-‘Person Branding Unpacked’. it unpacked for me the importance of Person Branding in a logical, systematic and clear format. Ganesh was articulate, informed and lucid. This masterclass made me realise the importance of Person Branding for me as an author and creative writing mentor. I recommend this masterclass to anyone who wishes to develop himself/herself into a brand name.

Rajesh Rajoo: Content Strategist, Copywriter, Author of the Adventures of Ella Elephant series of books

The ‘Personal Branding Unpacked’ masterclass is a great session for anyone who wants to get organized as far as pinning down their brand and personality is concerned. It’s a great session to put things in perspective, especially for lazy ones like me. Ganesh takes you through with examples and quick assignments that at the end of the session you look at yourself in different light. Thanks, Ganesh!

Neha Navalakha Gaggar, Soft Skills & Corporate Trainer, Vocational Trainer at Dale Carnegie Training, India

It was wonderful attending Ganesh’s workshop. It was a lively, interactive, and highly practical workshop. The learnings have helped me personally in my journey as well. Ganesh has always been available for guidance & further assistance too. His knowledge of the subject matter is his biggest asset. There is a genuine willingness & urge to share the knowledge and help others build their personal brands, kudos to Ganesh for that. Wishing Ganesh all the very best in all future endeavours.

For more details, write to me at or DM me on LinkedIn or Facebook.