Person Branding

The best time to get your brand strategy right was yesterday.

The next best time is today.


Contrary to popular perception, branding goes way deeper than the logo, baseline or advertising of a business. In fact, it is a philosophy that lies at the heart of every business.

But branding is not just for organisations, products and services. It is vital for individuals, too. On the one hand, corporate executives are looking for rapid career growth. On the other hand, freelancers/independent consultants and entrepreneurs are trying to stand out from the clutter and attract the right audience towards themselves. This is where Person Branding comes in. No wonder it is growing in importance, day after day.

Shaping your person brand means clearly understanding and articulating the fundamental aspects of BRAND YOU, and using this to project yourself authentically. By helping you project an authentic and compelling image of yourself to your audience, I can help you grow your career or business, as the case may be.

A clear person brand strategy will answer the following key questions (among others) in your professional context:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I offer that is distinctive from what others offer?
  • Who is/are my target audience(s)?
  • Why should they choose me over others?
  • What are the values, beliefs and stories around which my brand is built?
  • How should I position myself in the mind of my target audience?
  • What should my messaging be across communication channels – online and offline?
  • How can I effectively leverage social media to engage with my target audiences?
  • What brand assets should I build?


Through my online masterclass titled “Personal Branding Unpacked” and my one-to-one coaching program, I help you build your individual brand, so as to grow your visibility, reputation and business/career. Years of helping build several brands have sharpened my strategic & creative thinking, insight-mining and storytelling abilities.

What participants say about Personal Branding Unpacked

Neha Navalakha Gaggar, Soft Skills & Corporate Trainer, Vocational Trainer at Dale Carnegie Training, India

It was wonderful attending Ganesh’s workshop. It was a lively, interactive, and highly practical workshop. The learnings have helped me personally in my journey as well. Ganesh has always been available for guidance & further assistance too. His knowledge of the subject matter is his biggest asset. There is a genuine willingness & urge to share the knowledge and help others build their personal brands, kudos to Ganesh for that. Wishing Ganesh all the very best in all future endeavours.

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