A inspirational TV show that brings out the work of bright, young entrepreneurs across India
Concept note
In-a-nutshell description: A weekly TV show that goes around India ‘discovering’ promising young entrepreneurs in various fields and showcasing their work to the world. The idea is to inspire and guide several others to take a leap of faith. Also, to showcase how young Indians are doing some very meaningful work in different domains.
Why will this show interest the audience?
• There is tremendous interest in entrepreneurship; many Indians – across age groups – want to set up their own ventures right now. This mood is not restricted to the big cities, but is palpable in small towns too. While some people are already taking the plunge, many others are fence-sitters. They need a push to get off the starting blocks.
• The few start-up shows that do exist focus on pitching to investors, taking advice from mentors or awarding the best start-ups. This show will focus on the ‘human story’ behind each entrepreneur i.e., the early influences that shaped their life, why they chose to become entrepreneurs, why they chose a particular field, the travails and triumphs, the mistakes they made and the lessons they learnt, the turning points, other people who have helped them along the way, the strong vision that drives them, etc.
• Entrepreneurship has been glamourised by the media, start-up events and many groups. This show will be a counterpoint to all that glamour, while retaining the heady feeling entrepreneurs enjoy. Without deifying the featured entrepreneurs, it will portray an inspirational, yet realistic picture of their lives.
• Also, most of the reports and stories we find in the media are about those that have already made it big or about ventures from a handful of industries: e.g., online food-delivery platforms, online healthcare portals, grocery delivery outfits, e-commerce ventures and a few others. The ventures featured in this show will be working in a diverse range of domains, solving several interesting problems for the consumer.


What kind of entrepreneurs will be featured in the show?
• Those who are in the age group of 18 to 30 years today. College-student entrepreneurs will also be considered, if they fulfil the other criteria given here.
• Each of them should have a strong vision for his/her company and must be doing his/her best to achieve that vision.




• Their focus must not be on amassing personal wealth, but on making a difference to their domain of choice. Each one of them must be keen on creating an impact in the market/customer segments they are catering to. Money can be a driving criterion no doubt, but it should not be the overarching motivator.
• They will be drawn from a wide range of domains/fields. We will choose a combination of for-profit and not-for-profit ventures.
• Each one of them must be working with a team, even if that team is small. Which means, none of these youngsters wants to run a one-man show.
• A mix of men and women will be featured.
• Entrepreneurs will be chosen from different regions of India, including some from small towns.
• A mix of those who have made it big and those who are yet to his big time will be featured.

Suggested duration of each episode: 30 minutes
Frequency : once a week
Format of the show, as I envision it (this can be changed, based on the channel’s suggestions):
• The show will be like a documentary, which traces the journey of each entrepreneur. Apart from the main narration/VO of the story, there could be snippets of interviews with:
o The entrepreneur and his teammates
o Family, friends and one or two close associates
o Mentors and investors, if any
o Industry-experts who will comment on this particular industry and how this venture is placed to tackle the challenges of the industry
• The visual presentation can be supplemented through animation and catchy infographics, as and when required.
Why me?
• Keen interest and involvement in entrepreneurship for the past five years. I have mentored a few early-stage start-ups too.
• My book on young entrepreneurs from across India was released earlier this month. Titled ‘The Underage CEOs’, it has been published by HarperCollins. More details about the book and reader-reviews are available here: http://www.amazon.in/The-Underage-CEOs-Fascinating-Twenties/dp/9351772268
• I am a freelance writer, who has written on a wide range of topics for leading Indian and foreign publications. I have a yen for interesting stories and am deeply interested in the life-journeys and goals of people. You can read my published work here: http://www.ganeshv.com/published-work/
• I believe in the power of human potential.

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