I believe a brand is the heart of every business. Contrary to popular perception, it goes way beyond the logo, baseline or advertising of a company; in fact, it is a philosophy and strategy, that lies at the heart of the business.

The right time to get your brand strategy right was yesterday. Failing that, today.

Nailing brand strategy means getting a sharp understanding of some fundamental aspects of your business. The brand strategy can answer key questions that must have been running through your mind, including:

  • What is the larger purpose/vision of my brand?
  • What should my specific offerings be?
  • Which segment of the market should I aim for, for best results?
  • What is my unique value proposition?
  • What are the core values on which my brand will be built? What will these values  mean for the culture of the brand?
  • How should I position my brand in the mind of my target segment(s)?
  • What should my core messaging be across communication channels, to both internal and external audiences?

I help companies find compelling answers to all these questions, thereby crafting their brand identity in tune with their vision, purpose and business realities. As an extension of this, I create a robust Marketing Communication plan that helps the brand engage effectively with key stakeholders/audiences. The last mile of the branding work I do is to write impactful content that is in line with the unique value proposition and ethos of the brand.

To know more about this and see how I can help your venture, get in touch with me.