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The Underage CEOs

Fascinating Stories of Young Indians Who have Become CEOs in their Twenties

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Hi, Welcome to my website.

I have created this as a window to my professional world, so that you understand what I do, why I do it, how I do it and how I can possibly be of help to you. This in turn, could lead to opportunities for us to collaborate. After browsing through the site, do leave your thoughts or questions in the comments box. Or, you could contact me directly using the details given at the bottom of this page. I will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by!

Who am I?

I am a man of many loves. A free spirit, I love travelling, trekking, music, movies, food, tea, conversations and absurd humour.
One of my driving forces in life is to help people understand their true potential and achieve it. Part of my work is a direct consequence of this motivation.
My other driving force, of course, is to have a jolly, good time.

Professionally, I wear four hats:

Freelance writing

Writing is a part of me. Conversely, there is a part of me in everything I write too. My writings usually spring from personal experience, close observation and a sense of wry humour. They carry an original interpretation, a unique voice and a certain joie de vivre.

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I got on to writing books to share the knowledge I have accumulated along the way. My book ‘The Underage CEOs’ released in Oct 2015, and has subsequently been reprinted. It chronicles the fascinating stories of bright young Indian entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their chosen domains. None of these youngsters graduated from an IIT or an IIM; and yet, they are all doing some ground-breaking work.

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Vibha Women

There is something deeply fascinating about people desiring to set sail on their own, venturing into uncharted waters. I think there is an entrepreneur in every one of us; given the right motivation and circumstances, this entrepreneur is bound to emerge from hiding.

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Brand consulting

I believe a brand is central to a business. Contrary to popular perception, it goes way beyond the logo or baseline of a company; in fact, it lies at the heart of the business.
I help companies understand what their brand is all about and then, craft their brand identity in tune with their vision, purpose and business realities. As an extension of this, I create a robust Marketing Communication plan for the venture, targeting key audiences.

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The Underage CEOs

Fascinating Stories of Young Indians Who have Become CEOs in their Twenties

This is a book about ordinary young Indians who are doing the extraordinary. Barely out of college, they have taken the big leap and become role models for an entire generation of youngsters. They are the off-roaders, the ones who have stepped off the beaten track in pursuit of their vision.


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Inspiring Book for Aspiring folks


The Underage CEOs’ Will Convince You That Entrepreneurship Is Indeed Magical

Mary Cristopher

A book you cannot do without, if you want to do something different in life. Inspirational stuff!

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L’Antica in the French Quarter of Pondicherry
Blog, Food and Drink

L’Antica in the French Quarter of Pondicherry

Conversations are the new mixers
Blog, Food and Drink

Conversations are the new mixers

Float Brewery is a lovable new entrant to Kalyan Nagar in north-east Bangalore.

I wrote this on 20 March, 2019.


I did expect to have a good time Sunday evening, but I didn’t expect to have THIS good a time.

The launch of the menu of summer cocktails at Float Brewery in Kalyan Nagar turned out to be as heady as the evening breeze in summer. The invitees were all people who know their food and drink, and who appreciate a mellow sundowner or two. Or five.

What elevated the party to a different pitch were the engaging conversations I had with the others. To me, the conversations at this party were akin to great mixers. By infusing distinct and memorable flavours and aromas into the party, they handed me a wonderful cocktail of an evening.

Float is a relatively recent entrant to Bangalore’s pubbing scene. The terrace is perfect for the evenings, while the air-conditioned indoors are just the place for hot afternoons. I can see myself visiting Kalyan Nagar more often, from now on.

Of the cocktails served, I loved the Jager Mule, Capri Water and Blue Tematangi the most. Bramble, I realised, is an acquired taste.

The finger food accompanying the cocktails did not, thankfully, have fancy names. They were interesting variations of classics and won on taste. From the vegetarian section, Parmesan Cheese puffs and Coriander Polenta cakes were my picks.

With their humility, smiles and dedication, Robin and Karan lit up the bar. Chef Vivek Salunkhe ensured that we kept getting an endless supply of wonderful food. Robin, Karan and Vivek – hat tip to you guys and to your efficient wait staff.

Suresh and Rupa, thank you very much.

My other friends, it was great meeting you!

Given the great conversations we were having, I had little time or inclination to take great photos. So, this is the best I have.

Note: I went to Float on invitation and did not pay for the food and drink. I have written this post of my own free will.

A simple lunch on a country road
Blog, Food and Drink

A simple lunch on a country road

I wrote this on 2 March, 2019.


One of the joys of eschewing the highway and taking interior roads is the chance of discovering small, basic restaurants serving tasty local food.

Which is why we took the Chengam-Tiruvannamalai road to Pondy. We stopped for lunch at Ananda Bhavan, perhaps half a kilometer down the road from Ramanashramam in Tiruvannamalai. I had to have three helpings of everything on the plate (except for the greenery you see in that bowl) – so good was the food. The meal cost us Rs. 80/- a plate. Definitely worth a halt the next time I come this way.

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